Luiz Carlos Felizardo

With photographs by Luiz Carlos Felizardo taken in Arizona, United States, between 1984 and 1985, the exhibition opens on Saturday, September 17, at 11 am at the Utopian Gallery.



"Made in Usa" is the title of the exhibition by Luiz Carlos Felizardo at Galeria Utopia, which presents a selection of 23 photographs taken in Arizona, in the United States, between 1984 and 1985, a period in which he worked intensively under the supervision of Frederick Sommer. . The exhibition opens on September 17 at 11 am and will be on display at the gallery until October 22.

All copies are vintages impeccably enlarged by the author, with the precepts, care and all the mastery that characterize the wide and traditional chain of North American laboratory photographers, among which Sommer occupies a prominent place.

Among the images, some scenes and details that are part of the photographic imagery of the American West and an anthological landscape in Death Valley in California, Zabriskie Point, location and title of one of the most remarkable films of the counterculture period shot in 1970 and directed by Italian filmmaker, Michelangelo Antonioni.