Art Fairs

SP-Foto Viewing Room 2020

During the first virtual edition of SP-Foto, Utópica presents a selection of 20 photographs, from 18 modern and contemporary artists, in a VR filled with soundtracks. All works are accompanied either by a brief text and podcast (in Portuguese), bringing history and information, and sometimes by sounds to awaken other senses.


SP-Arte Viewing Room 2020

During the first virtual edition of SP-Arte, Utópica presented a section of the exhibition “Three authors of the gentler sex: Alice Kanji, Dulce Carneiro, Annemarie Heinrich”, a research on the participation of some female photographers at the Foto Cine Clube Bandeirante, in the 1940s and 1950. Photographs by German Lorca also integrated the VR.


Paris Photo New York presented with AIPAD 2020

Postponed to 2021, the merge between Paris Photo and the AIPAD Show would have had its debut in 2020. Our project included Brazilian photographers with a long and established trajectory, but rarely seen by international audiences like Luiz Carlos Felizardo, Carlos Moreira, German Lorca, Dulce Carneiro, Alice Kanji, Barbara Mors, Celso Brandão and Adenor Gondim.

Browse the online catalogue here.


SP-Arte/Foto  2019

Presenting photographers German Lorca, Fernando Lemos, Carlos Moreira, José Yalenti, Luiz Carlos Felizardo, Juca Martins, Beth Moon, André Cunha, Alejandro Chaskielberg and for the first time in Brazil, Hiroshi Watanabe.


The Photography Show by AIPAD 2019

First participation at the Show as the sole Brazilian member of the Association. Showcasing the works of Brazilian photographers German Lorca, José Yalenti, Foto Cine Clube Bandeirante, Luiz Carlos Felizardo, Carlos Moreira, Evandro Teixeira, Beth Moon and André Cunha.


Semana de Arte  2018

Photographs by German Lorca and Fernando Lemos presenting drawings on metal plates from the later.


SP-Arte/Foto  2018

Especial room showcasing the development of modern photography in the 1940s and 1950s and an homage to German Lorca's images of São Paulo.


The Photography Show by AIPAD 2018

Showcasing the works of Brazilian photographers German Lorca, Carlos Moreira, Juca Martins and André Cunha.


SP-Arte/Foto 2017

Especial room showcasing the work of artists from the Bauhaus and an homage to German Lorca's 95th birthday.


The Photography Show by AIPAD 2017

First exhibition of German Lorca’s photographs in the United States.


SP-Arte/Foto 2016

Especial room showcasing the work of Lázsló Moholy-Nagy.


SP-Arte 2016

Under the name Utópica, presented paintings by Brazilian artist José Roberto Aguilar.


SP-Arte/Foto 2015

Five Cibachromes were exhibited, from the celebrated work by English photographer Maureen Bisilliat (whose entire archive was acquired by Instituto Moreira Salles in 2003) in the Xingu Indigenous Park, from the years 1974 to 1977.


SP-Arte 2015

First exhibition of German Lorca’s series of photographs titled “Geometry of the Shadows”, from 2014.


SP-Arte/Foto 2014



SP-Arte 2014

First exhibition after restauration of the collage titled “Windows and Reflections” 1985, made by German Lorca out of 28 vintage prints from the 1970‘s, a panel measuring over seven feet that was shown only once in 1992 at MASP during Lorca’s New York’s photo exhibition.


SP-Arte/Foto 2013



SP-Arte 2013



SP-Arte/Foto 2012

Special section of the booth dedicated to early 20th century vintage prints by Frantsek Drtikol, Manassé, Guglielmo Pluschow, Franz Schensky, Wilhelm von Gloeden, Edward S. Curtis, W. & D. Downey, Heinz Hajek-Halke, Jean-Eugène-August Atget, Julia Margaret Cameron, Pierre Verger, Robert Doisneau, Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Jan Lukas, Alfred Cohn and Carlos Bippus.


SP-Arte 2012

German Lorca, Rogério Reis, Gaspar Gasparian Fernando Lemos, Jean Manzon.


SP-Arte/Foto 2011

Showcase of German Lorca’s vintage prints and modern edition prints by Gaspar Gasparian (represented by FASS until 2012).


SP-Arte 2011

Vintage prints by German photographers Heinz Hajek-Halke and Whilhelm von Gloeden. Introduction of modern edition prints by Peruvian photographers Hermanos Vargas, and by Brazilian photographer and film-maker Luiz Carlos Barreto.


SP-Arte/Foto 2010

Martín Chambi, Fernando Lemos, Annemarie Heinrich, Jean Manzon, Voltaire Fraga, Oscar Pintor and a selection of vintage prints from the collection.


SP-Arte 2010

Introduction to the Brazilian market of modern edition prints by Martín Chambi, made specially for FASS by the photographer’s grandson and director of the “Archivo Fotográfico Martín Chambi” in Peru.


SP-Arte/Foto 2009

Presentation of modern edition prints by Brazilian photographer Voltaire Fraga.


SP-Arte 2009

First exhibition of Annemarie Heinrich photographs in Brazil alongside photographs by Fernando Lemos and Jean Manzon.


Circuito Contemporâneo 2008

First introduction to Brazilian market of modern edition prints by French photographer Jean Manzon.


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A list of all past exhibitions at the gallery since 2011.