“Photography is always there. Just look at it poetically, it makes itself.”

Fernando Lemos


 Utopica gallery is dedicated to the research, exhibition and commercialization of photography, mainly Brazilian, as an artistic language. With a special focus on collecting, we value transparency in the information given to the public, seeking to expand knowledge about the different copies available on the market. We have always sought to associate ourselves with researchers and academics, to whose contributions we owe much of our prestige. Based in the city of São Paulo, the gallery (formerly known as FASS) represents photographers and collections. In 2019 we became the only Brazilian gallery member of the international association AIPAD, based in New York and dedicated to creating and maintaining the highest standards in the photography market.  From 2022 onwards, we will begin a new phase of work, rescuing the image from the copy and producing films.




Pablo Di Giulio, Founder and Director

Marcella Brandimarti, Associate Director