Monica Piloni

1978 - Curitiba, PR

Lives and works in São Paulo.

Monica Piloni studied sculpture at the School of Music and Fine Arts of Paraná. She graduated in 2002 and from then develops his work as a sculptor, with a few passages in painting, video and photography.
Participated in several group exhibitions which highlight: Nova Escultura Brasileira (New Brazilian Sculpture), Caixa Cultural Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2011 and The Collector of Dreams, the Institute Figueiredo Ferraz, Ribeirão Preto, Brazil, in 2011.
Much of the work and Monica Piloni this obsession centered on the body, his own body played on natural scale and hyper-realistically.
In his sculptures it shapes the legs, arms, head and reproduces his face with the parties creating figures that are balanced in compartments acrylic almost invisible, forming strange and disturbing characters that seem to float in the air for balance.
Sexuality, representation and appearance seen through the deconstruction of your body in space are some of the possible subjects of his works.
In the transition from sculpture to photography, Monica tries to perform a part of the fantasy that instigates, the sculptures are deconstructed to create almost Performing scenes where the sheets, the bed and the sofa pass everyday for fiction that takes place only when the frozen image.
In situations that creates recovery through still image and its detail, the question of the boundary between the real and its representation, the hyper reality that her sculptures suggest taking shape and expands in your photographs in a carefully prepared route.
Unstructured your body seems to want to occupy the spaces of everyday life in a narcissistic exhibitionist and practice in the privacy of whoever is in his own little world, in your room.

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