Luiz Carlos Felizardo

Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil, 1949

Studied Architecture at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, leaving the school before graduation, in 1972, to begin a full time dedication to photography. After working in the fields of advertising, industrial and architectural photography, he specialized in the documentation of historical architecture and began to dedicate an important part of his time to his creative work, mostly approaching the landscape.

With a grant from Fulbright Commission (1984/1985), he worked with Frederick Sommer in Prescott, Arizona; between 1990 and 1991, having received another grant, from VITAE Foundation, Brazil, researched on the life and work of Frederick Sommer, highlighting his early years in Brazil.

His work has been developed mainly with large format cameras (4"x5" and 8"x10"); part of his most recent images (as the ones he did in France and Italy in October/ November 1991) are being done with Leica M equipment.