Juca Martins

During the sixties, worked as a photojournalist for all the major newspapers and magazines in Brasil. During the year 1976 Juca was the art director of a daily journal called “Movimento”, in opposition to the military dictatorship established in the country, becoming in 1979 one of the founders, with Nair Benedicto (1940), Ricardo Malta (1956) and Delfim Martins (1951) of “F4 Photojournalism Agency”. He is the author of several books and one of the greatest exponents of political engaged photography in Brazil. He was awarded the Esso Prize for Photography 1980 (for his work on abandoned children); with the Nikon International Award 1981 (for the essay on the Serra Pelada gold mining); and the Wladimir Herzog Human Rights Award 1982 (for coverage of the war in El Salvador).