German Lorca

Brasil 1922

In 1948 Lorca joined the Foto-Cine Clube Bandeirante, a celebrated center for the diffusion of modern photography in the city of São Paulo. Lorca left the Foto-Cine Clube Bandeirante around 1952 to become a professional photographer, in more than fifty years of activity he never ceased to carry out his author work during his free time between commercial orders or, many times, during them. Some of his most relevant photos were made during the 1960s and 1970s. His studio, one of the pioneers in advertising and commercial photography in São Paulo, was one of the most active from 1960 to 1980 and had a laboratory inside, where all his negatives and photos were revealed and print.

Since 2010 Utópica has been working with German Lorca and his vast collection. Currently his career is celebrated with a retrospective at Itaú Cultural about the 70 years of his photographic work. His photographs integrate national and international collections, such as MoMA (NY), MAM, MASP, Pinacoteca. German Lorca turned 96 in 2018.