Carlos Moreira

São Paulo, Brazil, 1936 - 2020

Carlos Moreira was born in São Paulo on the 30th of September, 1936. He graduated in economics in 1964. That same year he began to dedicate himself to photography. He photographed the city of São Paulo for over 50 years, thus his view on São Paulo is unique. His relationship with the city, revealed with the complicity of the equipment that always accompanies him (Leica), allows us to live the city a little, its inhabitants, its spaces and its life. His photography, always focused on a personal expression, also brings us a bit of the the city's life in the portraits, the interiors and the photos of people closest to him. Professor of photography since 1972, the study and teaching of photography became an extension of his personal work, forming several generations of photographers and photography teachers. He lead study groups for young photographers and taught regular photography language and history courses at M2 Studio, founded with Regina Martins in 1990.