Beth Moon

The American-born photographer Beth Moon has gained international recognition for her large-scale, richly toned platinum prints which are held in public and private collections such as The Museum of Fine Art Houston, The Cleveland Museum of Art, The Museum of Photographic Arts San Diego and the Fox Talbot Museum (UK), and The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Bolzano, Italy. Her work has appeared in more than sixty solo and group exhibitions in the United States, Italy, England, France, Israel, Brazil, Dubai, Singapore, and Canada, receiving widespread critical acclaim.

In 2013, the first monograph of her work was published by Charta Art Books of Milan. In 2014, Abbeville Press published Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time. In 2015 the German publisher, Galerie Vevais created a fine art edition titled, La Langue Verte. In 2015 Abbeville released a follow-up book, Ancient Skies: Ancient Trees.

Moon was born in the U. S. and studied fine art at the University of Wisconsin. Classes in painting, life drawing, sculpture, and design would set the groundwork for her work in photography, which was to come years later.

While living in England, she learned platinum printing. For each print she mixes ground platinum and palladium metals into a tincture that is hand-coated onto heavy watercolor paper and exposed to light. As she experimented with this process, her photographic style evolved. She says, “There are many steps involved in creating the final print and these are as important to me as the capturing of the image."