Annemarie Heinrich

Vasari Gallery, which represents Annemarie Heinrich worldwide, has authorized Utópica to represent the artist in Brazil.

Darmstadt, Germany, 1912 - Buenos Aires, Argentina 2005

Creator of a genre that grew with the movie industry and the radio, Annemarie Heinrich exploited the contrast between light and darkness as a dramatic element, adding outlines to her portraits to give them a theatrical quality. She migrated with her family to Argentina in 1926. At nineteen, she started her career as portrait photographer and opened her first studio in Buenos Aires in 1930. In addition to working for magazines, she also made her first pictures in the world of theater, including portraits of Carmen Miranda, with whom she became friends, and the major actresses and dancers at the Colón Theater, most important oppera and ballet house in Latin America. In 1996 stopped shooting, but continued working until her last days.