André Cunha

Niterói, RJ 1971

At the age of 18, André began his career as an editorial photographer. After graduation, he opened his own atelier in Rio de Janeiro, where he worked with art and design projects. Later he settled in São Paulo, where since then he develops his photographic work. Cunha was one of the selected for the event “Caravana Magnum” on its 70th anniversary, that took place in the Photography Festival of Tiradentes and in Rio de Janeiro, managed by the iconic agency Magnum Photos. He was also awarded with the Honorable Mention in the Brazil Photography Award 2016, held in 2017.


Another World

Sanctuary began in 2016, when André Cunha encountered a family living in a village located in the southern region of Brazil, imparting an unusual life in the face of the impositions of an increasingly technological world. This family follows an analog model of life, where time and space are respected, as well as being their greatest allies. Of German origin, the patriarch arrived in the country in 1994 where he married and had his four children. The family subsists in agriculture, alien to the internet and to the present amenities of modern life, producing its own material and spiritual sustenance, based on a natural, sustainable and simple life, but full of peculiarities, which can be understood as reflections of an alternative proposal.