Rusia 1904 - Argentina 1993. The Saderman family was forced to abandone Europe in the 1920’s. Anatole’s father offered him a camara on their way to South America. When they arrived at Montevideo, Saderman met Nicolás Yarovoff, a russian photographer that was to become his teacher. In 1934 he started his Studio in Callao street in Buenos Aires. He was the ilustrator of the book "Maravillas de nuestras plantas indígenas", and made his first solo show in “Amigos del Arte”. He is a founding member of the Asociación de Fotógrafos Profesionales, and of the Foto Club Argentino and the Foto Club Buenos Aires. In 1953 he participated in the group “La Carpeta de los Diez”. In the 80s he was named a Member of Honor of the Foto Club Buenos Aires and recieved a Mention of Merit in photography from the Fundación Konex.