Wagner Almeida

1981 Belém, Brazil

Lives and works in Belém, Pará

Born in Belém do Pará in 1981, he attended through high school. In his adolescence worked in a photography studio where the photographer was started by his mother; working as a photojournalist in the “Jornal Diário do Pará” (a daily journal) since 2008, and currently is a public servant of the state of Pará also serve as institutional photographer in the Secretary of State for Justice and Human Rights (SEJUDH).
Focused on police photojournalism, his photographs are very strong and striking while dealing with death. He deal with it with such a compassionate look at those human bodies, lifeless.
Wagner won the prize of the Journal of Contemporary Photography in 2010 with Miguel Chikaoka and in 2013 with the theme Culture Human Nature, in the documentary category. In 2017 he was granted second place at Fundação Conrado Wessel Art Prize 2016, with "Luz Vermelha".